Cisco Enterprise Networking Hackathon: Galvanize Your Innovation Magnetism

Want to enhance your partner profile to attract more customers? Creative solutions are needed more than ever for customers to succeed in today’s evolving business landscape. Building on our popular BLITZ events, this enterprise network hackathon is designed to spark partner creativity and increase the magnetism that attracts customers.

As we enter this “next normal,” the world is looking to solve challenges in new ways, and it’s crucial to have a differentiated point of view that stands out. Whether building a customer base or looking to attract new customers, Cisco is committed to helping partners raise their profiles and increase team skills. We are looking for partner thought leaders to explore visionary approaches to apps, API integrations and tools that will help improve how our customers can solve their business solutions of the future. 

Hackathon Focus Areas

You can build on any one or all of the following Cisco Enterprise Networking Platforms and APIs

  • Cisco DNA Center
  • Cisco IOS XE Programmability
  • Cisco SD-WAN
  • Cisco Meraki 

Designed with Attraction in Mind

Partner Engineers and developers can galvanize their magnetism and flex innovation strength while gaining a deeper understanding of Cisco Sales Plays.  To spark creativity, the topics below are provided for an inspirational boost:

  • Network Automation – Leverage software to achieve accuracy, speed, scalability of network configurations
  • Assurance and Visibility – Explore APIs in network health, client health, notifications, and how applications can be built to consume the webhooks
  • Security and Compliance – Instill automatic guardrails for organizations with a perspective of regulatory, legal and compliance to monitor open interfaces and configuration changes and enforce policy workflow and approvals
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards – Imagine the possibilities of single pane-of-glass views for dashboards for DNA Center and integration with Splunk for any network infrastructure from switches and capacity to SD-WAN and ACI
  • Bots and Third-Party Integrations – Integrate any third-party tool with DNA center APIs (think Webex teams APIs)
  • Verticalization: Tap into the vertical sectors to solve real business challenges in education, health and manufacturing and more

Take part in the hackathon and amplify the innovation magnetism on your partner profile and attract more customers with visionary thinking around the enterprise network’s next evolution. Show how your point of view can induce solutions for the coming business challenges and share how you see business connecting users in remote work cultures.

Hackathon Environment

Option 1: Labs provided by Cisco (16 Pods reservable on a first come first serve basis). These have the Enterprise Networking tools and devices (Cisco DNA Center, Cisco IOS XE Programmability,Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki (Read Only)

Please contact the Hackathon Manager to reserve a pod.

Option 2: Use your own environment that has at-least 1 Enterprise networking component (Cisco DNA Center, Cisco IOS XE Programmability, Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki).

Option 3: Reserve DevNet Sandboxes: Cisco DevNet Express Cisco DNA Sandbox v3.0a. You can use this pod while following the DevNet DNA Track to get familiarized with interacting with Cisco devices through APIs. The Sandboxes cannot be reserved for the duration of the hackathon - please contact the hackathon manager for shorter durations.


Ensure your laptop connects to the labs/pods provided. If it’s a Windows laptop, please ensure you have Chrome or Firefox.

Download Cisco AnyConnect for optimum performance of the lab, if you don’t already have it.

Download Webex Teams and if needed get a free account at Ensure that the email you are going to use is associated with a Cisco WebEx Teams account. Also join the Webex teams group for the Hackathon Participants at

Login to and complete your DevNet profile before you start.

About the Hackathon:

The Cisco Enterprise networking Hackathon is a annual event for innovative minds and out-of-box thinkers to come together with game-changing ideas and create potential for huge impacts. Ideas from past events have resulted in projects that have been added to the product roadmap, funded for further investigation or even taken directly to Cisco Live! to showcase engineering ingenuity to our customers.

This summer, it is coming to you! If you are excited and have a big idea, form a team of 2 to 5 engineers and register to participate. Have your ideas reviewed by the Cisco proctor identified for your team. The proctor(s) will also reach out to you for weekly check-ins.

View full rules


Shogun Awards (2)

Two (2) Winning teams will be selected after evaluation. Each member of the two (2) winning teams will receive 15,000 Shogun points.

Cisco Shogun is a Partner Engineering Community and Incentive Program built by engineers for engineers to drive Sales engineering GTM alignment between Cisco and our Partner Community.

Eligibility: Cisco Tier-3 (Gold, Select, Premier Partners (“Resellers”)), as determined per Cisco region or country. Participants must adhere to their employer’s policies regarding their eligibility to participate and/or receive Cisco Shogun points in this and similar programs and promotions.

To learn more about Cisco Shogun go to and enroll today.
Enrollment is easy, just follow these 4 steps:
1. Login to
2. Accept Terms and Conditions
3. Select Partner Company ** Must start typing the Name
4. You are now enrolled in Shogun

Connect with our Resources:
Phone: 1-800-543-7515

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


This Contest is open to participants (each a “Participant” or “you”) who are: (i) age eighteen (18) years or older; (ii) IT professionals currently employed by a Cisco authorized partner that is registered under the Cisco Channel Partner Program; (iii) at the BE GEO ID level in the AMERICAS region only; and (iv) eligible for Cisco Shogun at the time of entry.  In addition, Participants must be active and in good standing within Cisco’s Partner Self Service tool during the entirety of the Contest Period.

This Contest is not open to: (1) employees or internally contracted vendors of Sponsor or its parent/subsidiaries, agents and affiliates; (2) the immediate family members or members of the same household of any such employee or vendor; (3) anyone professionally involved in the development or administration of this Contest; (4) employees or internally contracted vendors of governments and government-affiliated companies or organizations; or (5) any employee whose employer's guidelines or regulations do not allow entry in the Contest or acceptance of the prize(s).  This Contest is not open to individuals in the province of Quebec in Canada.  In addition, residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sudan are not eligible to participate.  This Contest is void in these countries and where otherwise prohibited or restricted by law. 


Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson
Cisco, Principal Architect: Programmability & Cloud

Julio Gomez

Julio Gomez
Cisco, Programmability Lead, EMEAR

Jeremy Cohoe

Jeremy Cohoe
Cisco, Technical Marketing Engineer - Enterprise Networking Business Unit

Dennis Chesky

Dennis Chesky
Cisco, Manager Systems Engineering Sales, Americas Partner Organization

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of Idea
    Is the idea a strong minimal viable product for the customer to use today?
  • Implementation
    How well the idea was designed and implemented by the Team, as well as the complexity of the build and creative use of Cisco Enterprise Networking developer tools.
  • Potential Impact to the Business Category
    Judges will focus on the quality of the video submission and text description. Participants’ Application should be able to drive and improve business processes based on the challenge provided by the Poster.)
  • Value to the Persona
    Measured on whether the Application solves for the customer scenario and requirements outlined in the scenario videos.
  • Complexity
    Includes the practicability and ease of implementation in a customer environment.
  • APIs Used
    Includes meeting minimum requirements of at least one (1) Enterprise networking API. Teams are also encouraged to use additional Cisco API’s